B.1. Release 6.1.1 - changes from 6.1_sp1

B.1.1. Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Base: rocks add host verifies hostname is not an appliance name

Base: fix reverse path filtering on centos 6.x

Base: rocks set host bootflag now is applied to the local grub kickstart configuration

Base: security fix in kickstart.cgi and setPexboot.cgi

Base: 411-alter-handler properly handle corrupted timestamp file

Base: creates rst files for roll commands

Base: fix for MTU not applied when using VLAN

Base: commands: fix report interface with IPMI interface

Base: do not propagate group with GID < 500 through 411

Base: set host interface ip now accepts NULL

Base: sync host network now works with ssh on the frontend

Base: Login appliances are now managed

HPC: use the proper BTL with openmpi

ZFS: updated to 0.6.2

Python: upgraded to 2.7.6 and 3.3.4

Ganglia: updated to ganglia 3.6.0